County Council


6602 44 Ave
Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Box 1270
Stettler, AB T0C 2L0




Each Councillor represents their own ward, and the County as a whole. They are often the first contact for issues that policy doesn't address or that policy conflicts with, so that they can bring those issues forward to the Council table.

Councillors meet as Council on the second Wednesday of each month, and they meet as the Agricultural Service Board and Municipal Planning Commission on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Councillors do not typically work out of the County Office, but instead work out of their wards. They're reachable via their published cell phones and email.
Name Title Email Phone
Clarke, Larry REEVE - Botha-Gadsby Councillor 403-740-5482
Gendre, Ernie Stettler Councillor 587-282-1644
Grover, Dave Big Valley Councillor 403-740-2973
Nibourg, James Erskine-South Ward Councillor 403-741-9493
Nixon, Wayne Donalda-Red Willow Councillor 403-741-6129
Stulberg, Les Byemoor Endiang Councillor 403-740-5003
Neitz, Cheri Erskine-Buffalo Lake Councillor 403-740-3785