Ward 5: Stettler



Phone: 587-282-1644

Email: egendre@stettlercounty.ca


Becoming a Councillor and putting yourself in the public eye, working with opposing views and issues can sometimes seem a challenge when you cherish the community in which you reside. 


This is a community in which I still have the initiative to carry forward the neighborly ideology of helping and assisting others, to survive as our forefathers that settled this land with this vision to build a strong nation. Myself, and my wife Nancy, have had the ability and opportunity to grow within this community. When the decision to serve as a representative was determined, then became a reality, nervousness became apparent. But in reality, this has been one of the most rewarding personal achievements I have experienced – both working with County staff and with all affiliated to the County of Stettler.


As long as concerns are brought forth by our residents, answers are required. If we don’t know the answer – we will find one through our administration and staff and relay those answers back. I believe we still have many challenges ahead, but if we keep the vision, united efforts of our community will persevere. 


Thank you and happy and safe times ahead to all.