Docking and Mooring at Buffalo Lake

Alberta Environment and Protection has permitting requirements before anyone can place seasonal docks and mooring structures in publicly accessible Alberta lakes. Alberta Environment and Parks has informed the County that they require the County's permission, prior to Alberta Environment granting Docking and Mooring permits to County of Stettler landowners at Buffalo Lake. This is partially due to the unique nature of how Buffalo Lake is zoned; we are the only lake in Alberta that requires the municipality to be involved in the permitting process. The County of Stettler will continue to lobby to have this corrected.

The County of Stettler application to be approved by us, after which it must attached to an Alberta Environment DOCK TFA Application Form before submission to Alberta Environment, in order to complete the application.


In order to obtain the permits:

  1. Apply for an Alberta Environment Client ID. We recommend this as an early step in order to complete the Alberta Environment DOCK TFA Application in a timely matter.
  2. Read the Docking and Mooring Standards Fact Sheet, and the Docking and Mooring Disturbance Standards documents.
  3. Fill out the County of Stettler Docking and Mooring Application and submit the application to the County of Stettler Planning & Development department.
  4. Once your application is completed and submitted. A successful applicants will receive a letter of approval from the County, which should be attached to your Alberta Environment DOCK TFA Application form. The completed application should be submitted to Alberta Environment.
  5. Alberta Environment will review and then provide you with a permit, this permit allows you to install the seasonal docking and mooring structure(s) at Buffalo Lake.