Town & County Intermunicipal Development Plan and South East Area Structure Plan Project

Thank you to everyone who joined us at a public events May 31 and June 1,2022 to discuss the Town and County Intermunicipal Development Plan and Southeast Area Structure Plan this week. 

To view the presentation boards from the public events, you can download them here: Presentation Boards

If you joined a public event or would like to provide additional comments on the proposed IDP and ASP, please fill out our feedback form, click here

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Intermunicipal Development Plan & Area Structure Plan Survey
  • The survey closed March 8.

The Town of Stettler and County of Stettler are updating our Intermunicipal Development Plan and South East Area Structure Plan. We want you to be involved in the process and share your thoughts as the Plans are prepared.

To learn more about what an Intermunicipal Development Plan and an Area Structure Plan are please scroll down.

How Can I Get Involved?

The first round of engagement included a survey to let us know what you would like to see in the Town and the County as the community grows. The survey closed March 8. 

Prior to summer, we will host a series of open houses so you can learn more about the work that is underway and let us know what you think about the draft Intermunicipal Development Plan.

In the fall we will host two additional open houses to share the draft South East Area Structure Plan, and gather comments and feedback before the plan is presented to Council for approval.

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How will my feedback be used?

The comments and feedback you share with us will be considered as the draft plans are prepared. During upcoming engagement this year we will share the draft Intermunicipal Development Plan and South East Area Structure Plan so you can provide comments and feedback. Following this, the Plans will be finalized and brought to both the Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler Councils for final approval.


If you have questions about the Intermunicipal Development Plan and Area Structure Plan process contact Kristen Harder (Dillon Consulting Limited) at (403) 215 8880 EXT 4344 or e-mail

What is an Intermunicipal Development Plan?

Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP) are statutory documents that help neighbouring municipalities collaboratively manage growth and development together along their shared boundaries. The IDP directs how municipalities will coordinate growth within the Plan boundary.

Town and County of Stettler Intermunicipal Development Plan

The current IDP was approved by the Town and County in 2009 and is in need of an update. The changes will modernize the Plan to reflect changes in the Town and County since 2009.

 The IDP update will:

Confirm the joint goals of the Town and County

Identify land uses in the Town and County within the shared boundary

Review the IDP boundaries to reflect recent growth in the Town and County

Review Confined Feeding Operations processes and boundaries

Identify new Town and County Growth Areas to prioritize development areas

Coordinate services in Town and County Growth Areas

Coordinate transportation networks between the Town and County

Develop a referral process for planning and development applications in the Plan boundary

Establish a conflict resolution process that promotes and maintains collaboration efforts and respect between the municipalities.

To read the existing IDP click here.

Changes are proposed to the IDP Plan Boundary and Growth Areas. Changes are also proposed to extend the boundary of the Confined Feeding Operation Exclusion Area. Confined Feeding Operations (CFO) are fenced areas or buildings where livestock are confined for agricultural purposes. If approved, the land included in this CFO Exclusion Area will be prohibited from developing new CFO’s or expanding existing CFO’s.

The proposed IDP Boundary, CFO Exclusion Area, Referral Area, and Growth areas are shown on the map below. To provide your feedback on this map please take our survey open from February 22 to March 8. Click here.

Proposed IDP Boundary Map

What is an Area Structure Plan?

Area Structure Plans (ASP) are statutory planning documents that focus on a specific area. ASPs provide a detailed framework for how development will take place and the location of future services.

ASPs can include:

Proposed development

Proposed land uses

Population density

Sequence of development

Transportation routes and systems

Public utilities

Essential services and facilities

South East Area Structure Plan

The Town and County are updating the South East Area Structure Plan. The ASP will reflect the significant changes in the Town and County since the original Plan was approved in 1989. The ASP addresses lands in both the Town and the County and will support a coordinated approach to growth in the Plan boundary.

To read the existing ASP click here.

The proposed ASP Boundary is shown below in purple:

Proposed SE ASP Boundary Map