Community Aggregate Payment Levy

Following consultation with aggregate owners and operators in April and November 2019, County Council implemented a new Community Aggregate Payment (CAP) Levy Bylaw, at their December 11, 2019 Regular Council Meeting. Aggregate business owners/operators, (gravel and sand producers) are now required to contribute funds per-tonne of aggregate extracted from pits in the County of Stettler, to recuperate costs associated with the heavy wear on our infrastructure.

Aggregate producers are now required to report their shipments quarterly, for the periods ending March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31. Shipments must be reported within 30 days of the period ending.

Shipments are reported by sending a completed Schedule A of the CAP Levy Bylaw to:

County of Stettler
Box 1270
Stettler, AB  T0C 2L0

Or by email to

Amounts must be reported in tonnes. If weigh scales are unavailable, shipments may be estimated by volume using the prescribed conversion rates:

1 cubic meter = 1.365 tonnes (of sand)
1 cubic meter = 1.632 tonnes (of gravel)
1 cubic meter = 1.308 cubic yards

Enter the cubic yards or meters below for an automated calculation, and choose the appropriate tonnage depending on the aggregate being hauled.

Conversion Calculator