Rural Addressing

The rural addressing bylaw requires that every approach to a residence, commercial, or industrial development must be signed with a rural address sign on a township road, range road or highway and with an urban style address sign in all hamlets and multi-lot subdivisions. The purpose is to improve the effectiveness of emergency services such as ambulance and fire, while also being useful to ratepayers for other reasons, for example driving directions and rural deliveries.

All developments that existed in the County on December 31, 2009 were signed by the County with no cost to the resident or landowner. Starting on January 1, 2010, an applicant for a subdivision or a development permit must comply with the rural addressing bylaw relative to making arrangements for civic addressing. The County installs the new signs at a subsidized cost to ratepayers.

Sign Fees

The cost of the various rural address signs are set in the County's fee schedule (the County provides the post and arranges for shipment and installation of the sign at no cost to the ratepayer, except as otherwise indicated).

Please call the Planning and Development department at 403-742-4441 if you want to discuss more details of these requirements.