Land Use Bylaw Compliance

Staff will first establish the zoning of the property and then review the real property report to determine if the buildings and other improvements shown meet the setback requirements of the County’s Land Use Bylaw.

Environmental & Highway Setbacks
The County has adopted environmental setbacks from watercourses and other bodies of water. In order to confirm whether the buildings and other improvements shown on the real property report meet these requirements, we have asked surveyors to show distances from the bank where the property abuts a river, stream, watercourse, lake, or other body of water.

Where the property borders a highway, we will advise that the setback distance requirements from the highway are established by Alberta Transportation, and not the County. We will direct that the department be contacted for further information.

Required Permit Check
We will check the County records to determine if the development shown on the real property report has the required development permits from the County. In some cases, a development permit may not have been required.