Bylaws, Plans & Policies

The following are bylaws, plans, and policies that may be helpful when you are planning to do a subdivision or a development:

Zoning or Land Use Designation

The land use designation (zoning) of all properties in the County's jurisdiction is recorded in the Zoning Map Book. Please contact the Planning and Development department at 403-742-4441 for any inquiries regarding the interpretation of the Zoning Map Book.

Area Structure Plans & Outline Plans

Please call the Planning and Development department at 403-742-4441 to get a copy of the following plans:
  • Buffalo Lake Meadows Outline Plan
  • Buffalo Sands Outline Plan
  • Buffalo View Estates Outline Plan
  • Carlisle Estates Area Structure Plan
  • Dickie-Ziegler Area Structure Plan
  • Eastgate Area Structure Plan
  • Erskine Concept Plan
  • Jewal Country Estates Area Structure Plan
  • Pheasantback Estates Area Structure Plan
  • River Creek Area Structure Plan
  • Scenic Sands Phase 2 Area Structure Plan (Abbey Road)
  • Southeast Stettler Area Structure Plan

Fee Schedule

The fee schedule sets out the application fees for subdivision, bylaw amendment, development permit and a number of other applications.


The following policies and procedures are relevant to the planning, development, and subdivision processes:

  • Policy PD 4.4 Road Dedication, Upgrades and Subdivision Registration
  • Policy PD 4.3 Planning and Subdivision Guidelines
  • Policy PD 4.5 Municipal and Environmental Reserve Values
  • Policy PW 2.2 Gravel Road Dust Reduction
  • Policy PW 2.6 Installation of Approaches and Culverts
  • Policy PW 2.9 Road Construction
  • Policy PW 2.10 Road Specifications
  • Policy PW 2.13 Road Construction - Cost Sharing
  • Policy PW 2.17 Engineering Design Guidelines and General Construction Specifications
  • Policy PD 4.2 Community and Road Naming Procedures

Please call the County's Planning and Development Services if you want to discuss more details of any of these documents.