Ernie Gendre

County Council
Title: Stettler Councillor
Phone: 587-282-1644

It is my pleasure to once again serve you as the County of Stettler Ward 4 Councillor, and assist in our community’s advancement with regards to issues that span from the seemingly mundane to the very complex.
Politics can be very interesting, this is an understatement depending on the perspective of the individuals view and how it is perceived by others. Thankfully we live in a democracy where majority rules, but we also have to represent everyone.

During my 30+ years as a business owner and operator I have learned to take responsibility of those issues I have been entrusted with, and complete them to my customers’ satisfaction. 

To do so required listening and being accountable. It is no different being on Council, where policies and procedures provide guidance for the Councillors in the performance of their duties.

However, as issues and projects come up, each Councillor must determine whether these policies and procedures are in fact guiding and assisting our community to the goals that are desired. To that end there must be a constant communication with those we represent - a form of constant negotiations whereby one is always ready to accommodate their needs. 

While these challenges may be somewhat daunting, I respect the trust you have placed in me. There is always room for improvement. Therefore, I will continue to obtain information from anyone and everyone, for the benefit of everyone in our County.

My promise to you is that I will be constant in my vigil of fiscal responsibility, and never take your hard earned taxes for granted.

I am always available for conversation and welcome calls from my constituents. 

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