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Posted on: November 18, 2020

Notice of Public Hearing - Gadsby Repealing Bylaw 1643-20

The County of Stettler Council gave 1st reading to Bylaw 1643 – 20 – Village of Gadsby Repealing Bylaw and has set the public hearing for January 13, 2021 at 1:00 PM.

The Order in Council dissolving the Village of Gadsby enforces the Village of Gadsby’s bylaws until they are repealed.

At the time of dissolution, the Village of Gadsby had 393 bylaws recorded in the bylaw register. Administration has undertaken a review of the Village of Gadsby bylaws and recommends repealing 27 bylaws. 

The Village bylaw register starts at bylaw 39, so presumably 38 bylaws may have been enacted between 1910 and September of 1935 for which there is no record. Additionally, one missing bylaw number appears in the register with no title and one bylaw number is omitted entirely. No action is recommended for unknown bylaws.

Of the bylaws recorded on the bylaw register of the Village, 37 of the bylaws were missing, and seem to have been for some time, as the titles were written into the register, rather than typed, with notes indicating the minutes that the title of each was found. These bylaws all appear to have been transactional in nature, with no lasting effect.

  • 297 of the bylaws were transactional (i.e. set a mill rate, sell a lot, spend money) or had a defined term (i.e. appointing an assessor, entering into a franchise agreement) and are therefore spent or expired.
  • 60 of the bylaws have already been superseded or explicitly repealed by other bylaws. 
  • 6 of the bylaws associated with Planning and Development will be reviewed as part of the Land Use Bylaw review and integration.
  • 2 bylaws will be repealed next month when the Water and Waste-Water Bylaw comes to Council for review.
  • 1 bylaw will remain in effect.
  • 27 bylaws are outstanding and should be repealed.


Order in Council 16/2020

Section 2 (f) bylaws and resolutions of the village continue to apply in the former area of the village until the bylaws or resolutions are repealed, amended, or replaced by the council of the receiving municipality

Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, c M-26, s 191
Amendment and repeal

191   (1)     The power to pass a bylaw under this or any other enactment includes a power to amend or repeal the bylaw.

          (2)     The amendment or repeal must be made in the same way as the original bylaw and is subject to the same consents or conditions or advertising requirements that apply to the passing of the original bylaw, unless this or any other enactment provides otherwise.

The County of Stettler No. 6 will hold a Virtual Public Hearing for Bylaw 1643-20, Village of Gadsby Repealing Bylaw, on Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 1:00 PM. To join the meeting by teleconference dial 1-800-309-2350, Conference ID: 152-9025.  Anyone affected may make written submissions before 12:00 p.m., Monday, January 11, 2021, to the County of Stettler’s Municipal Services Department PO Box 1270, Stettler, AB TOC 2LO or by email to Copies of the bylaw are available on the County website, or may be viewed at the County of Stettler Administration Building at 6602-44 Avenue. For inquiries please contact the Municipal Services at 403.742.444 x131.

Bylaw 1643-20 - Village of Gadsby Repealing Bylaw
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