Posted on: April 20, 2017

County receives another clean audit and management letter

The County of Stettler has again received a clean management letter for the audited 2016 Financial Statements which were presented to Council by accounting firm Gitzel & Company Chartered Professional Accountants.

Highlights for the year include the now completed Erskine East Subdivision with 21 lots available for purchase and the Erskine Water Servicing project providing water to the truck fill, the Erskine School and making hook-ups available to every residence in Erskine. The new Public Works facility project budget is nearly 50% completed in 2016 with an investment of $4.55 million from the County.

Reserves are at a comfortable level for the County of Stettler, now sitting at $7.3 million despite a downturn in oil and gas affecting our revenue and also after having made a substantial investment of $8.9 million into capital assets in 2016, bringing praise from Council to administration and staff.

“I would like to highlight that this management and this staff are operating within a very responsible budget and proving to be extremely efficient in realizing savings and making sensible business decisions for this County based on the policies and decisions prescribed by this Council,” said Reeve Wayne Nixon.

“The proof of good management is provided in yet another clean management report and clean financial audit for the County of Stettler, the ninth clean audit in a row. Our administration and our staff should be proud of their work and their dedication to providing value to the ratepayers of the County of Stettler.” To view the 2016 County of Stettler No. 6 Financial Statements, please visit our website at

2016 Financial Statements
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