Regular Council Meetings

During the monthly Regular Council Meetings, the Council discusses relevant and current policy changes; financial, administrative and operational decisions. As well as discussion and enactment of bylaws and long-term plans.

Councillors also share reports on their activities and committees, hear from administration and host to a number of presentations each month from ratepayers, businesses and community organizations.


Regular Council Meetings are scheduled to begin at 10 am on the second Wednesday of each month.


Back row (L to R): Les Stulberg, James Nibourg, Ernie Gendre and Paul McKay

Front row (L to R): Justin Stevens, Larry Clarke and Dave Grover

Annual Organizational Council Meeting

During the annual Organization Meeting, Council comes together to re-access and assign positions within Council and other extended duties. This includes appointing a Reeve, Deputy Reeve, Chair positions on internal committees and representatives for many local Boards.

This meeting also reaffirms Council Policies.


The annual Organization Meeting takes place on a date in October. This date is set during the September Regular Council Meeting and is not the Regular October Council Meeting date.  

Special Council Meetings

Special Council Meetings can be called by either the Reeve or the Chief Administrative Officer of the County of Stettler No. 6. These meetings require public notification, which occurs via our website, social media and the County of Stettler bulletin board.

These meetings often feature only one or two items on the agenda. Items that require a quick decision.

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole are more informal Council meetings. These meetings offer the Council Members time and space to hold longer, detailed discussions and draft future policies.


Committee of the Whole meetings take place beginning at 10 am on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Current County Council

Our current Council was elected in October 2021. Each Councillor is elected to represent one of the seven wards within our County. The wards are as follows:

Council represents you and other ratepayers within the County of Stettler. Please feel free to contact Council with any questions or concerns.

The public is welcome to attend all County of Stettler Council Meetings. If you are unable to attend in person, tune into the meetings LIVE on the County of Stettler YouTube Channel. Recordings of meetings are also stored there for ratepayers to watch later. 

Councillors also represent ratepayers on different committees and organizations. The Councillor Committee List outlines the County of Stettler representation on committees.

Councillor Code of Conduct

The intent of the County of Stettler Councillor Code of Conduct is to declare the standard of behavior and actions for County of Stettler elected officials. These standards are to ensure the highest public confidence in, and respect for, local government and interpersonal relationships, to ensure effective leadership in and through the elected Council, and to ensure Council and Councillors act with the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior.