Community Mapping Project

Do you know of an area in the County of Stettler where a historical event may have happened? Or a site that is unmarked that has significance within the County of Stettler; perhaps an underground tunnel entrance or the site where a train was robbed? We are trying to record all these stories, and or points of interest from history into our GIS system and onto our maps, so that we have a record of these events and locations for generations to come before they are lost forever.

We would like you to enter our contest by helping us identify our community assets by providing information and photos on sites that you know about that many others have no idea exist within the County of Stettler.

Each submission will be plotted into GIS and mapped with each location being marked. The map will be available for viewing on the County of Stettler website once it is complete.

Our contest will be open May 1 to September 30, 2022. Submissions will be judged on significance to the County of Stettler, quality of information and uniqueness. Entries can be sent to

Reach out to those family members or neighbors that have told you stories in the past and help us put Stettler County history on the map.

Community Mapping Project Cover