Docking and Mooring at Buffalo Lake - Applications and Information

What you need to do...

Alberta Environment and Protection now has permitting requirements before you place seasonal docks and mooring structures in Alberta Lakes. Alberta Environment has informed the County of Stettler, that they require the County's permission, prior to Alberta Environment granting Docking and Mooring permits to County of Stettler landowners at Buffalo Lake. 
You need the County of Stettler application to be approved by us, and then attached to your Alberta Environment DOCK TFA Application Form which you will submit to Alberta Environment, prior to Alberta Environment considering your application.

Steps for obtaining your permits:

Questions for the County of Stettler? Email: or

The County of Stettler has respectfully requested Alberta Environment remove us from this responsibility of providing you with an approval prior to you seeking their approval, however due to the unique nature of how Buffalo Lake lands are zoned, Alberta Environment currently requires us to be involved.

The County of Stettler will continue to lobby to have this anomaly at Buffalo Lake corrected, removing us from the responsibility of approving these applications prior to Alberta Environment receiving them. We are the only lake in Alberta that requires the municipality to be involved in the permitting process.