Budget 2019

The County of Stettler works on a three year budget cycle. We use the three year model to forecast future expenditures and plan for future projects. It gives council an awareness of what expenditures may be coming, which in turn, makes their decisions more informed and forward thinking.

June-August 2018:                   Public Budget Survey 
We asked our community to provide us with feedback on current services offered and to prioritize their needs in our Budget Survey. We visited four regions in the County to collect information, and offered the survey to our citizens through our website.

August-September 2018:         Departments Consider 2019-2021 Budgets

October 2018:                          Draft Budget is provided to Departments for    Comments

November 4-5, 2018                Preliminary Budget is Presented to Council

November 16, 2018:                Council Budget Workshop
An opportunity for Councillors to discuss, debate and set priorities for the proposed Budget.

November 23, 2018:                Proposed 2019-2021 Budget released to the Public
Proposed Budget is released for public to review and to provide feedback to their Council.

November 30, 2018:                Public Budget Presentation
Public is invited to attend this public budget presentation to provide comments and feedback while Council considers the proposed budget and makes considerations.

December 12, 2018:                      Council Considers Passing 2019-2021 Budget

Budget - Documents