Buffalo Lake South Shoreline Management Plan Survey



This is a long introduction but please take the time to read it to understand what this survey is about and how the County is approaching this. The survey will help the County, with you as the benefitting community and in conjunction with the Summer Village of White Sands and the Summer Village of Rochon Sands, to develop a shoreline management plan for the Environmental Reserves and Municipal Reserves located in your community and adjacent to the provincially-owned water management ROW. Your feedback is not only important to the County, it is in fact essential to the successful development of a shoreline management plan, because the plan will only be meaningful if it addressed your interests, activities, concerns, needs and vision for the shoreline. You are the ones who live and recreate along this shoreline, therefore you should know best what is needed for this area in order to enrich your and the general public’s enjoyment thereof. Having said this, the County and the Summer Villages as the governing municipal authorities, have certain responsibilities in terms of the Municipal Government Act that we will be looking to fulfill, such as ensuring that the general public has good access to the shoreline, that amenities are available where needed and are safe, that our reserves are well maintained and safe and are used in an appropriate manner. We want to comply with our responsibilities and with our property management practices in a manner that is compatible with your use and enjoyment of both the shoreline and your private property.
The plan area extends from Scenic Sands to Buffalo View Estates. It includes all County-owned municipal and environmental reserves within these communities. The plan area does not include the Summer Village of Rochon Sands or the Summer Village of White Sands, privately owned property or the Provincially-owned Water Management Right-of-Way (ROW). Notwithstanding this, the outcome of this survey may provide direction that the County should approach the provincial government to obtain licences of occupation for portions of the ROW if this was deemed an appropriate manner of addressing some of the issues that may be identified, such as the placing and storage of boat lifts and docks.
It is intended that the survey will be completed by all lakefront lot owners as well as back lot owners, and by any other County residents or other people outside of the County who make use of the lake south shoreline. A back lot is a property that is separated from the shoreline by other privately-owned properties. A lakefront lot is a property that is separated from the lake only by a County-owned Environmental Reserve.
For landowners who are in the process of acquiring a portion of the reserve lands to add to their property, please respond to the questions as if the portion of reserve land has already been added to your property.
The survey is anonymous, so in an effort to develop a plan that works for all, you don't have to worry about pulling any punches.

Lastly, I may not have asked all the questions that you think should be asked. The questionnaire format provides limited space for additional comments. If the space provided is not sufficient, please send an email to jvanderbank@stettlercounty.ca noting the relevant question number(s) and providing your additional comments.
The survey will remain open until November 30, 2015, but please complete it sooner than that if you can. After that the survey results will be compiled, analysed and incorporated into draft policies over the winter of 2015/2016. A public workshop will be held in the summer of 2016 to discuss the survey results and draft policies. There is no point in trying to think much further than that for now, so the next steps and milestone dates will be determined at that time.

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Deadline is November 30, 2015