Reeve's Message

The year 2014, as we look back on it from an agricultural perspective was another good year. Although yields were not as high as last year’s  bumper crop, for the most part they were a strong average and grades and protein content were excellent. Combined with record breaking cattle prices and feed prices it has been a successful year. 

The County of Stettler has also had a very busy and successful year. Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services Commission lines have been completed to Donalda and Big Valley, along with several rural water sites. The Erskine Water Reservoir is on target to be completed in the next few months which will bring a safe and secure water supply for the future use of the area and will certainly add increased fire protection to the west part of the County including the Buffalo Lake area. The Red Willow truckfill station is completed and will be appreciated by the local farmers for a clean and closer supply of water and as mentioned before, increased fire protection. 
Since the Government of Alberta has stopped funding for bridges we have had to replace or repair several bridges in the Donalda, Gadsby, Endiang and Big Valley areas. We have contracted some of our gravel supply and placement and have secured gravel in our County and adjacent counties as well, to the point that we have a 15 to 20 year inventory.
In 2015 we have some paving, road building and of course many miles of gravel planned. The Agricultural Services Board (ASB) completed the last third of the roadside weed and brush control three year program with good results. The Absinthe Wormwood program (PAWC-Priority Area Weed Control) has had favorable results but will definitely be an ongoing program. The ASB will continue to monitor the presence of clubroot in the County and will work with producers and seed companies to mitigate the impact of this disease through best farming practices. 

Beginning in early 2015 (March or April) Council is proposing to do a series of Town Hall meetings at various communities in the County to address ratepayer concerns and get input from residents on ongoing and proposed projects. We will also be at the 2015 Stettler Trade Show again this year. These Town Hall meetings will allow us to further our commitment to our residents through a different format. I would encourage everyone to attend a meeting in their area.

- Wayne Nixon, Reeve