Pet & Animal Ownership in the County

The County of Stettler wants everyone to enjoy the ownership of dogs, especially since dogs are such an important part of our agricultural lifestyle. The Animal Control Bylaw outlines the responsibilities you have as a dog owner. This Bylaw is in place to ensure that all of our residents and their dogs exist together in safety and harmony.


Under the Animal Control Bylaw, Dog Owners must ensure they abide by the following:

  1. Have any animals on a leash or in a pen when outdoors (not running at large).
  2. Keep a pet in heat confined, when in heat.
  3. Clean up their feces, both on both public and private property - including your own property.
  4. Do not allow your animal(s) on school property, playgrounds or public sand play areas.
  5. Dogs does not bark/howl to the point where it is causing unreasonable disturbance to your neighbors.
  6. Animals must not damage any public property.
  7. An animal does not bite, attack, chase, injure or kill any other person, animal, bicycle or motor vehicle.
  8. That you must cooperate with our Bylaw Enforcement Officer(s) at all times, in regard to investigations into animal offences.
  9. Fines for offences under the Animal Control Bylaw can range from $100 - $2,500.

The County of Stettler Animal Control Bylaw deals with animal control issues relating to animals only within the County of Stettler limits, but does not include the neighboring municipalities of Stettler, Big Valley, Donalda, Rochon Sands, and White Sands. 


There is currently no legislation in place that controls or regulates cats within the County of Stettler.