Public Works

Transportation & Utilities Maintenance

The County of Stettler Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and road construction of all municipal roadways and bridges throughout the county. They provide general maintenance, which includes graveling of roads, dust reduction, regular blading, installing of signs, brush control, bridge repairs, crack-filling, line painting, patching, and snow plowing subdivisions and municipal roads.

To date, the County of Stettler is responsible for approximately 2,653 kilometer of roads within the county, which is an enormous amount of road to cover.


Type of Road / Highway
Dirt and Machinery Road
Gravel Roads 2,181.00
Hamlet / Subdivision Roads
Paved / Hard Surfaced
Primary Highways
Secondary Highways 309.00

At present, Emcon maintains the main and secondary highways in the county. These are highways with numbers (two digit and three digit); for example: Highway 12 and
Highway 601.